(Brackets open’d:
She’s typing : )
     Brackets like I  kiss you thru the
((*& !
Hey h____
.... Ok thanks bye!
           I'm an angel and I #die sometime
I love it when I _ you why :(

xxx heheheeh

:((( !

Brackets like:

sshhhutup wqee___!
You fuck up rite inside me
u get up like: #nolie

This is def gonna be us this summer
I want you with __
my whole life: yours to try.


Gentrification of the Mind ur own fucking business bitch
i miss u like i love uu

honey iiiiiii

ok but r u leaving *bye


[music plays]
[advert] love can’t last that long tho Nyway

fast moving 21st century network lifestyle
do you like my poetry?
harry was moving around the city
“harry” was thinking about love
sometimes we’re all stuck in transit
networks migrating
it’s not really my life anyway it’s yours.
what can i say
this is my best way of talking to you +
i just spend money on fashion and food
markets are confusing anyway
felicia #grexit #baii not qt
Firefox can't find the server at
Problem loading page, server not found
ok i guess Fine
do you remember the party last night
it’s nice here out of the sun
it’s nice being generous to other people and other things
i’m thinking of julien ceccaldi
look at this picture of regen projects I’m looking at
i like housing when it’s built to the scale of dreams
bizarro bar opposite my bizarro lifestyle house
didn’t think the world would last that long tho anyway
:+ glad i managed to catch up w u before it end
these are the thoughts on my mind right now
ok hunny, bye


brackets close
the bar’s shut this is def gonna be the best summer. i’m so sad and stressed without you, sigh
:P :0************

all you say that day is ‘hi’


The above texts are excerpted from Brackets, a chapbook of poetry forthcoming from Publishing House, November 2015.

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