Virtual Self-Improvement & enhanced mindfulness practice

Jónó Mí Ló (Born; Jonathan Milu Lockhart°1982, Dayton,​Ohio​ United States) is an experimental musician and visual artist who works mainly in the underground internet music and visual art scene​s​. Currently living in New York,New York. Words that come to mind, in no particular order, include digital​, dystopian and surreal; Mí Ló creates work in with a fascination with​ ​clarity of content and with an uncompromising attitude towards conceptual minimalism and sample based art.

Over the past ten years He's collaborated on a number of projects with artist all over the world such as: VIA (Music and New Media Festival)​; Pittsburgh Filmmakers; Orange Milk Records; T​he ​W​rong ​D​igital ​A​rt ​B​iennale.

Rebecca Beauchamp is a poet, composer, and digital artist from Washington D.C whose work reimagines languages of commerce, femininity, & representation. She is the author of Welcome to My Book (Gauss PDF) and Poems About Bulimia (Hysterically Real).

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